2023 Campaign News

We have a new home!

I’m excited to announce that, due to the incredible generosity of Prologis, we

have a home for the 2023 Campaign. It’s at 8301 Patuxent Range Road,

Suite 100, in Jessup, just across Route 1 from the Savage Stone quarry,

about eight miles from downtown Columbia. It’s 19,800 square feet, with

everything we need to refurbish thousands of bikes. We’ll be moving in starting

in September; volunteer times will be scheduled soon.

FY 2023 Annual Report

Our Annual Report for the Fiscal Year ending 30 June 2023 has been published

and is available here. The bottom line: 652 volunteers spent over 4500 hours

refurbishing 2,608 donated bicycles that were then given away with new

helmets to local children in need for a total value of $294,052. Thanks to all of

you for making it happen!

Save the date: September 30 is Collection Day!

Our 2023 Campaign officially begins with Collection Day on September 30,

when we will be accepting bikes from 9 AM to 2 PM at every Howard County

Fire Station. We need a lot of volunteers that day, both at fire stations and at

our warehouse: You can volunteer here.

Help refurbish bicycles starting September 30!

This year we’ll have 20 workstations and at least 10 cleaning stations available

to support you, so there should be plenty of tools to go around. We have

already started to set up the volunteer calendar with shifts beginning with a

prep day on Friday September 29, Collection Day September 30, and initial

shifts for October. Shifts to move in to the warehouse will be scheduled for

sometime in September as soon as we have more information.

A reminder: You can register for multiple shifts at a time by using the “Select”

button instead of “Book Now.” You can then use the arrows at the top of the

calendar to move around to select more shifts. When you are done, click on the

little file box at the top left of the calendar to proceed with the booking.