Pedaling Philanthropy

This year’s campaign is over.

In 2020, despite the pandemic, over 150 volunteers invested over 2000 hours collecting, refurbishing, and giving away 875 bikes to local kids in need. 

We can use volunteers with any level of experience with bicycles, from “What’s a bike?” to mechanic for the Tour de France. You’ll be able to select a volunteer role that’s best for you by answering the questions below

The 2021 volunteer season will run from October 2 through mid-December – 6 days a week. Like past  years, we’ll have shifts that run from 3 PM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday, plus an evening 6 PM – 9 PM shift on Tuesdays and an early afternoon Noon – 3 PM shift on Saturdays.

Work will be at our refurbishing center, behind 9720 Patuxent Woods Drive, Columbia, MD 21046. Do not go to the front door of NVR Mortgage; instead, follow the purple signs and drive around to the left of the building to the very back. Please parallel park along the back curb of the building to the left as you drive in.

We’ll have three roles to fill. Just answer a quick question or two and we will determine where your valuable talents can be best put to use!

Have You Ever…

Changed a bike tire and tube?

Love it. To Clarify…
Love it. WELCOME to the Cleaners! Click here to schedule a shift!

Have you ever adjusted a derailleur or bottom bracket?

Love it. WELCOME to the Mechanics! Click here to schedule a shift!
Love it. WELCOME to the Preppers! Click here to schedule a shift!