Progress: Week 7

In just three weeks, on Giveaway Day, December 14, more than 400 kids in need will get free bicycles! Week 7 was very productive! More than forty volunteers contributed over 150 hours of labor refurbishing 60 bikes. Mechanics from Race Pace Bicycles safety checked another 44 bicycles, bringing the total of bikes ready for Giveaway Day… Read more »

Progress: Week 6

Just four weeks to go before Giveaway Day on December 14! Week 6 was very productive! More than four dozen volunteers contributed 178 hours of labor refurbishing 40 bikes and cleaning 50 more. We’ve nearly finished cleaning the bikes you donated; there are just a couple of dozen left. Mechanics from Race Pace Bicycles safety… Read more »

Progress: Week 5

We’re halfway through our season, with five weeks to go before Giveaway Day on December 14! Week 5 was very productive! We received 23 more bikes, bringing our total to 462. Race Pace mechanics were in the house again, and 87 more bikes have been safety checked, bringing the total of bikes already ready to… Read more »

Progress: Week 4

Week 4 saw us receiving 57 more bikes from generous Howard Countians, bringing our total to 439! Ace Race Pace mechanics started safety checking refurbished bikes for us; and now 78 of those have their final seal of approval. And we continue to work to refurbish bikes–nearly 100 done this week, with over 100 volunteers… Read more »

Progress: Week 3

We had a terrific third week of bicycle refurbishing at FB4K Maryland. 375 bikes (and trikes, scooters, striders, a unicycle, etc) have been donated to date (+77 this week!), and they’re still coming in! We really appreciate the great response to our call for bikes: We blew right through 350 and 375; let’s shoot for… Read more »