Giveaway Day!

After ten weeks of effort by over 175 volunteers, hundreds of happy children received bikes Saturday, December 14.

More than 70 volunteers helped us give away 412 bicycles to kids in need. Another 38 will be donated to the Howard County Schools’ Bicycle Safety program, 13 had already been donated, and the remaining 28 will be donated to organizations in the next week or two. Only 20 bicycles out of 511 donations were scrapped, and only then after we removed every reusable part.

The success of our first year in Maryland has been due to the efforts of our volunteers, who donated more than 1500 hours toward our goal of giving children their first ticket to freedom.

We’ll be back in 2020! Collection Day is tentatively scheduled for October 3, 2020, and Giveaway Day will be December 12. See you then!