Progress Report: Counting Down until December 11

In Week 7, volunteers spent more than 350 hours going over about 150 multispeed and BMX bicycles, bringing our total to over 1400 bikes ready to donate, and another 100 or so cleaned and prepped. We received a big boost from The Howard Hughes Corporation, whose volunteers spent an evening with us cleaning dozens of bikes. We’ve crossed the 2000 hour mark in this year’s campaign, and we have collected more than twice as many bicycles this year than last year!  

We now have nearly 1000 recipients identified for the approximately 1700 bikes we’ll have to distribute. Since time is rapidly running out, and we need to get organized for Giveaway Day, we’d like to have all of the recipients of bicycles referred to us by schools and nonprofits by the end of this coming week. Also, as of this week, donated bikes will most likely be stored for us to work on next year. 

We only have three weeks to go and about 300 challenging bikes still to be finished, so it’s still full throttle until December 11.

Our December 11 Giveaway Day will be a busy but happy day—we hope to have 1500 children receive new bikes! Please help us out by signing up for a shift here: We expect that over 100 volunteers will be required throughout the day. It’s a fun and rewarding day, and not to be missed!

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!

Howard Hughes was in the house
Unicycles and a circus bike destined for the University of Maryland juggling club
All of these bikes will have new homes in December