Progress: Week 2

We’re pleased to report on our progress after two weeks of bicycle refurbishing at FB4K Maryland.

298 bikes (and trikes, scooters, striders, a unicycle, etc) have been donated to date (+14 this week), and they’re still coming in! Wouldn’t it be great to hit 300? Or 350? We’ll be accepting donations from 3-6 PM Monday through Friday and 12-6 on Saturday through Halloween, so spread the word.

And, the bikes are for the most part in great shape! This week, we’ve cleaned, adjusted, and repaired 40 of them, bringing the total to 109. Another 8 were added to the 22 that are just waiting for parts (tires, tubes, etc.)

We started with the littlest ones and work our way up, so we won’t continue at this breakneck pace, but it’s a great start.

65 volunteers have worked for over 265 hours from Collection Day through October 19 to unload, sort, clean, and refurbish bikes.

Next week we plan to finish all of the single speed coaster brake bikes that are 20 inch wheel size and under, and we’ll start on the 25 BMX bikes, the 4 24 inch coaster brake bikes, and then start on the 20-inch multi-speed bikes.

We can use your help, regardless of your bicycle know-how. If you’d like to volunteer, sign up on our volunteer page for a shift at your convenience: It’s a great way to learn about bikes!