We collected 484 bicycles!

(So far….)

We’re always hopeful going into Collection Day, but also a bit apprehensive. This year, given the huge demand for bicycles as a response to the need for safe ways for children to be active during the pandemic, we were a little more apprehensive than usual.

So we were happily surprised, and very grateful, to see 484 bicycles roll in to the warehouse from the 11 Howard County Fire Stations that we used as collection points. This represents a 75% increase over last year’s Collection Day! And since then, we have received 16 more, bringing our total to an even 500. With more on the way….

We’d love to be able to refurbish even more! If you need more storage space for the winter, and have an outgrown or unused bicycle–even if it is slightly (or a lot!) broken–please consider donating it to us. Even bikes that we can’t fix (due to broken or bent frames, for example) are useful as a source of parts–especially this year when parts are very scarce (and expensive!).

Last year we received 237 bikes after Collection Day. We’d love to do as well, or better, this year. Keep them rolling in. Here’s the info on when and where, or contact us and we’ll figure out a way to take them off your hands.

Our refurbishing effort starts Monday October 5. Volunteers at all levels of bike-knowledge are welcome. We have the detergent, tools, and a well-ventilated space to work in–you can even work outside, weather permitting. Due to the need to manage our numbers in the warehouse, registration is required.

Meanwhile, enjoy these scenes from Collection Day 2020!

This is what a 5000 sq ft warehouse looks like getting filled with bikes!