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Our 2021 Campaign is over. We gave away 1811 bicycles this year, an 89% increase over last year’s campaign total! We received 2012 bicycles during this campaign and refurbished and gave away all but 201 of them. Only 107 (5.4%) were deemed unrepairable and harvested for parts. The remainder have been stored for next year,… Read more »

Last Lap!

Last week we finished 130 more 26” and larger bikes and conducted our first giveaway, for 160 children in Howard County Head Start programs. We had a terrific volunteer turnout for both refurbishing and the giveaway event, and as a result posted the largest one-week total of volunteer hours so far this year—384! Race Pace… Read more »

Two Weeks! Two Giveaways!

As we begin the penultimate week of our 2021 campaign, we’re deep into the stock of 26” and adult multi-speed bikes–almost all of which are more complex than the average child’s bike, and more time consuming to properly prepare for the next user. Nevertheless, thanks to a big surge in volunteers, we’ve kept pace. Last… Read more »

Progress Report: Counting Down until December 11

In Week 7, volunteers spent more than 350 hours going over about 150 multispeed and BMX bicycles, bringing our total to over 1400 bikes ready to donate, and another 100 or so cleaned and prepped. We received a big boost from The Howard Hughes Corporation, whose volunteers spent an evening with us cleaning dozens of… Read more »