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Progress Report: Counting Down until December 11

In Week 7, volunteers spent more than 350 hours going over about 150 multispeed and BMX bicycles, bringing our total to over 1400 bikes ready to donate, and another 100 or so cleaned and prepped. We received a big boost from The Howard Hughes Corporation, whose volunteers spent an evening with us cleaning dozens of… Read more »

Progress Report: Four weeks to go!

We again made great progress in Week 6: About 100 volunteers refurbished nearly 200 bicycles, bringing the total to 1273 bikes ready to donate to children in need. We’ve completed work on all of our single-speed coaster brake bikes, and are already well into refurbishing multi-speed and BMX bikes. Thank you to the Tenable company’s… Read more »

Progress Report: Week 5

At the halfway point We are five weeks into our ten week campaign, and busier than ever. On Monday, nearly 1100 Bell helmets arrived and were moved up to the refurbishing floor. They were shipped in over 500 boxes, two to a box, in a variety of sizes from toddler to adult. We’ve already started to… Read more »

2021 Progress: Week 4

In the fourth week of our 2021 campaign, 50 volunteers again spent over 200 hours refurbishing over 200 bikes.  We also received 70 bike donations, bringing the total we have collected in 2021 to over 1700 bikes. We now have 841 bikes ready to give away on December 11, with just over 800 still to… Read more »

2021 Campaign: Week 3

Another Very. Busy. Week. has passed at Free Bikes 4 Kidz. Donations continued as another 50 bikes rolled into the warehouse, and nearly 50 volunteers spent over 200 hours refurbishing bikes.  Just under a third of the way through our 10-week campaign, we have refurbished over a third of the bikes that have been donated… Read more »

2021 Campaign: Week 2

It’s been quite the week at Maryland’s largest popup bicycle shop! Two weeks into the fall campaign, Free Bikes 4 Kidz volunteers have refurbished 424 bikes for preschoolers–mostly tricycles, balance bikes, and tiny bicycles. We still have over 1100 bikes to get through over the next eight weeks. We could use your help: Whatever your… Read more »