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2020 Progress: Week 9

We are no longer asking for donations of bicycles for this year’s Giveaways–We need to turn our attention to giving them all away. If you have a bike that you can’t keep until next October, contact us and we’ll figure something out–but it will go into our 2021 Campaign. Starting tomorrow, in fact, Free Bikes… Read more »

2020 Progress: Week 8

It’s hard to believe, but our first local Giveaways are only a week away! Unlike last year’s single big show, this year we have scheduled well over a dozen giveaways between December 7 and December 19 in order to reduce gathering sizes during the pandemic. We are nearing the finish line for refurbishing bicycles. We… Read more »

Progress: 2020 Week 7

Another solid week of progress is behind us. We received 51 new bicycles, bringing our total to 811, more than 50% higher than last year’s. Twenty-five unique volunteers spent 150 hours refurbishing 50 bikes. We are essentially finished with the 26″ bikes, and about halfway through the 700c and other adult sizes, while scrambling to… Read more »

Progress: 2020 Week 6

We had a banner week in the warehouse the week, while maintaining a well-ventilated, social-distance maintaining environment for our volunteers. We received 56 new bicycles, bringing our total to an even 760, more than 50% higher than last year’s. Fifty-seven unique volunteers spent over 225 hours refurbishing 110 bikes and cleaning over 100 more. We… Read more »

Progress: 2020 Week 5

Halfway through the campaign! Last week, 36 volunteers invested 196 hours refurbishing our growing collection of donated bicycles. We received 33 more bikes this week, including a nice matched pair of Shoguns in great condition. We will still accept donated bikes until Thanksgiving week; check out our donation page for details. We have just about… Read more »

Progress: 2020 Week 4

Save the Date: December 12 is Giveaway Day! During the week ending on Halloween, 33 different volunteers spent 143 hours finishing the 16″ bikes and the 20″ multispeed bikes, and moved on to the 24″ multispeed bikes. From now on, with the exception of late-arriving donations (still welcome, by the way), we’ll be making slower… Read more »