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Progress: 2020 Week 3

With the help of 40 volunteers who collectively spent over 180 hours working at the warehouse, last week we finished refurbishing over 100 bicycles. All of the 18″ bikes and the BMX bikes are done and we’re over halfway through the 16″ bikes. We’ll finish those this week, and then we’ll move on to the… Read more »

Progress: 2020 Week 2

The bikes keep rolling in, but the volunteers are doing great work in getting ahead of the wave. We currently have 625 bikes in the house, up 39 from last week. This is well above last year’s total for the entire campaign, but as you know, the need this year is much larger as well…. Read more »

Progress: 2020 Week 1

484 bikes to fix up, and we’ve done 85. Only 500 to go!? Last Saturday, we collected 484 bicycles with the help of dozens of volunteers. We spent the early part of this week organizing our refurbishing center, and then got busy cleaning, adjusting, and repairing bikes, starting with the littlest ones. We’ve finished going… Read more »

We collected 484 bicycles!

(So far….) We’re always hopeful going into Collection Day, but also a bit apprehensive. This year, given the huge demand for bicycles as a response to the need for safe ways for children to be active during the pandemic, we were a little more apprehensive than usual. So we were happily surprised, and very grateful,… Read more »

Giveaway Day!

After ten weeks of effort by over 175 volunteers, hundreds of happy children received bikes Saturday, December 14. More than 70 volunteers helped us give away 412 bicycles to kids in need. Another 38 will be donated to the Howard County Schools’ Bicycle Safety program, 13 had already been donated, and the remaining 28 will… Read more »

Progress Week 9: The bikes are ready!

After 9 weeks and over 1200 hours of volunteer effort, we have finished refurbishing the bikes you have donated. Over 500 bikes were donated, and we were able to get all but about 4% of them cleaned, adjusted, and repaired–back into safe mechanical condition, each and every one of them checked and then rechecked by… Read more »