Our 2021 Campaign is over. We gave away 1811 bicycles this year, an 89% increase over last year’s campaign total!

We received 2012 bicycles during this campaign and refurbished and gave away all but 201 of them. Only 107 (5.4%) were deemed unrepairable and harvested for parts. The remainder have been stored for next year, mostly becuase they came in too late for us to work on this year.

Massive thanks to 400 volunteers who devoted an aggregate of nearly 4000 hours of their time, to more than 40 liaisons to schools and nonprofits who referred recipients to us, and to our sponsors who provided the resources to make this all happen.

Thanks to you, 1811 children will have new bikes this holiday season. The last 150 bikes were picked up today by Pastor James of the Columbia Baptist Fellowship for an event this Monday. Have a happy, well-earned holiday everyone.

Good wheel to all, and to all a good bike.